Cung Le x Jarek Kai

Creating a bracelet that used a perfect balance of minerals and deposits built into God’s creation was the priority for Cung Le. Not only did it have to personify strength and focus, qualities he has embodied fiercely; it also had to speak to the unseen spiritual world. It’s an honor to collaborate for Spiritual Battles - The Bracelet.



The black stones on this piece are Onyx. A foundational stone that is highlighted 12 times in the Bible and is the symbol of God’s Power. It is referenced in the beginning in Genesis where God purposed it at the mouth of flowing water, in one of the rivers running from The Garden of Eden. Today, it is still only found at the springs of water; however unlike most other stones - it can be found on every continent. This is extremely special because God wants His Power in us to be accessible for every tribe and nation. It has properties that ward off evil spirits and is an essential stone for protection. It has been known to support the fruits of the Spirit, enhancing joy, peace, wisdom and self-control.



The single white moonstone is intentional. A scripture found in Revelation 2:17 lets us know that on that great day when we enter heaven a white stone will be given to us with a new name. One of Cung’s go to phrases is right from the Bible when he proclaims, to the one who hears and that’s exactly how the scripture starts. We must be listening, we must be in tune and willing to suit up for battle. It is our hope that as you wear this bracelet, it’s a reminder to you that God has already equipped you with strength and His Spirit and goes before you as you set out to conquer anything in His Name.



The golden, yellow stone, found as 7 stones around the band is called Citrine. Healing properties of mental and emotional stability are tied to this mineral. It is also derived from another popular stone called Amethyst but, what’s different is it’s undergone extreme temperatures. Its color is not only reminiscent of sunshine, but gold refined by fire that becomes more pure from each process.